Emergency Dentist Burlington

Where can I find an emergency dentist Fort Mitchell?

Facing a dental emergency can be a stressful, inconvenient event, but with a compassionate, highly skilled emergency dentist Burlington, it’s easier to handle that unfortunate situation if it comes your way. At Four Points Family Dental, our doctors and caring, skilled professional staff provide the highest quality care; we’re here to help when you need it the most. Your dental emergency is our priority, and we will make sure that your problem is precisely diagnosed and treated as gently and immediately as possible.

Emergency Dentist Fort Mitchell

Although you may not be able to foresee a dental emergency, having a plan in place and a dentist you can count on can provide you with some peace of mind. At Four Points Family Dental, emergency dentist Burlington, we will help you to feel better as soon as you walk through our doors. Whether you’re confronted with a traumatic injury, a toothache or a broken dental prosthetic, we will keep you fully informed, discuss with you the appropriate treatment options, and do everything possible to put you at ease as quickly as possible. If your tooth is injured in an accident, of course, you’ll call us right away. But if you are experiencing symptoms such as a persistent oral pain, swelling and fever – which are not only uncomfortable, but also indicate an underlying problem, such as infection or decay – it’s equally important to seek treatment promptly. And, not every dental emergency is painful, yet also warrants prompt attention from your local dentist. For example, a broken or damaged denture or dental bridge compromises your ability to eat, speak and smile, making it difficult to function in your daily social and professional life. We will provide appropriate temporary remedies, if necessary, and repair or replace your dental prosthetic without delay.

At Four Points Family Dental’s state-of-the-art office, home to your experienced emergency dentist Burlington, relief is only a phone call away. Please keep our contact information handy!


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